Who We Are

We are well experienced photographers who have been into wedding photography for decades. Though we do other projects such as landscape, portrait, etc, as well, we specialize in wedding photography.

We know and understand what a stressful day and journey it can be, leading up to the D day. We also know how important it is to have the perfect shots of those beautiful moments, to be cherished forever. To look at the shy bride walking down the aisle and the groom beaming with pride, the proud yet reluctant father giving away his precious daughter, it is all these emotions that we love and present to you in a more enhanced manner.

How Do We Go About It?

  • When you come to us, our very first task will be to visit the venue to know the topography of the place. This will give us a fair idea as to how many people will be needed and how many angles will have to be covered. We don’t want to miss out on anything and want to give you the best possible digital version of your wonderful day.
  • We then look into your requirements and wishes. Everyone has a dream wedding planned in their head and we aim to execute it as much as possible. We will try to incorporate your wishes and desires, so that it turns out the way you have always dreamed of it.
  • It is only then do we go into details about the budgets, presentations, etc.

A wedding is not just another party in your life. It is the most important day in your life and one you would love to cherish forever. We are well experienced to guide you on what to expect and what will work out and won’t. This way, your hopes are not raised and you don’t face disappointments later. We know it is a stressful period and we can guarantee that we are experienced enough to handle it and work through it to give you nothing but the best and the most beautiful photos and videos of your wedding.